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Festa frenzy 2017!

Late spring and summer is when each of Gozo’s towns and villages hold their festa, an annual party, usually lasting several days, in honour of their patron saint. Festi are held from late May through to late August, but the biggest concentration of them is in June when, frankly, you’d be hard pushed to miss one.

Every town and village in Gozo is putting on a party – and you’re invited.

That’s good news, because each festa is a riot of marching bands and bunting, music, fireworks and delicious local food. And whilst the celebrations place the patron saint at their centre, you don’t have to be a Christian – or even religious – to enjoy the party. The dates below are the culmination of the celebrations, when the patron saint is paraded through the streets, but you’ll find the party in full swing for a couple of days beforehand. 28 May Feast of St Paul, Munxar 4 June Feast of St Anthony, Ghajnsielem 11 June Feast of Corpus Christi, Ghasri 18 June Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Fontana 25 June Feast of St John the Baptist, Xewkija 29 June Feast of St Peter and St Paul, Nadur Want to find Gozo holiday accommodation close to a festa? Call us on 01430 626 061. Find out more about Gozo festi.