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Maltese waters amongst the cleanest in EU

Planning to take to the water as part of your Gozo holiday? We’ve got some good news for you.

A Gozo holiday just wouldn’t be a Gozo holiday without taking to the water at some point. Whether your idea of fun lies on it, in it or beneath it, Gozo’s waters have a lot to offer swimmers, divers, sailors, cruisers, kayakers and those who simply enjoy dipping their toe in it once in a while. Now, you can do that with even greater confidence, because a new report places the Maltese Islands as third best in terms of water quality across Europe. The European Environment Agency tested all 87 of Malta and Gozo’s bathing sites and 86 achieved the most stringent “excellent” rating. Even the one that didn’t (the report doesn’t name it) achieved only one ranking point lower, still well above required standards. Confusingly, the only countries to achieve a higher ranking were Cyprus and Luxembourg which, the Euro-savvy amongst you will immediately note, doesn’t actually have a coastline. So unofficially, we’re saying that Gozo and Malta are now second only to Cyprus in terms of water quality. Wanting some water-based inspiration for your Gozo holiday? Take a look at our things to do in Gozo. And when you’re ready to book, give me a call on 01430 626 061