Jules Gozo Holidays

Our Gozo wedding enquiry


The phone rang last week and it was Jill White, a new customer enquiry.

Jill’s story was quite intriguing as she and partner, Brett, had planned to marry on Gozo but had to postpone the wedding until next August. They first visited in 2010 and have returned to Gozo every year since.  As I listened to Jill, an image came into my head of the first time I walked down the drive to villa Mariantonia, Qala.  As I wrote in our advert ‘The countryside views and vast pretty garden was so delightful, my immediate response was, “It looks like a wedding on the front of Hello magazine!!”.  Peter agreed.  Best choice.  We had various challenges with dates, Jill’s budget (given the rest of the Wedding costs), number of beds but finally, Victory prevailed.  I then sent Jill the link Mariantonia. The response was one of elation, joy and happiness.  Jill said “If you showed me this picture and told me I would be getting married staying here, I would never have believed you.  How did you find this house?” More of Jill’s story to come. Jules