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Gozo visitor numbers up 20%

The Gozo transport figures for Q1 of 2016 are in!

Sea transport between Gozo and Malta is up 20% on the previous year.

Let’s put this data in context.

Data from the National Statistics Office shows that a total of 1,010,213 passengers travelled between Malta and Gozo during the first quarter of 2016, up 20% compared to the corresponding quarter in 2015.

Does this mean the peace and tranquillity of your Gozo holiday is under threat? Jules investigates...

When did the visits occur?

Almost 40% of all those visits happened in March, with the busiest periods for traffic occurring at Cirkewwa (on Malta) on Fridays and Saturdays, and Mgarr (on Gozo) on Saturdays and Sundays.

What does this tell us?

It tells us that spring on Gozo - my favourite time to visit, but a part of the year which is (in my opinion at least) sorely neglected by too many people - is finally getting the recognition it deserves, even if most of that recognition is coming at weekends only.

Does that mean Gozo is suddenly overcrowded?

Hardly. I work closely with Gozo villa and farmhouse owners who’ve already filled many of their holiday homes during summer, and there was (and is!) still availability during spring.

So what was the reason for the sudden influx?

As you might expect, it seems to be a combination of factors, including an early Easter which caused a spike in numbers, and increased local travel as more Maltese locals appear to have fancied a weekend on Gozo.

What it doesn’t seem to herald is a wider change in habits.
When you book your Gozo holiday, it won’t be overcrowded.
It won’t be standing room only.
And there’ll still be lots of space (even on this small island) for peace and relaxation.

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