Jules Gozo Holidays

Making your Gozo holiday really personal? We just say ‘yes’

From the moment you land to the moment you leave, you don’t have to settle for the same Gozo holiday as everyone else.

Just say ‘yes’. It’s a mantra we’re rather proud of at Jules Gozo Holidays. You see, the people who arrange their holidays with us expect that little bit more. Of course they expect to be able to choose from a range of gorgeous Gozo holiday villas, farmhouses and apartments (and you can find them all in our Gozo accommodation section). Yet whilst your villa or farmhouse can add so much to the experience, there’s much more to a holiday than your holiday home. That’s why, in the past year alone, we’ve arranged:
  • Private chefs
  • Airport meet and greets
  • Event bookings
  • Wedding venues (and connected accommodation for extended wedding parties)
  • Restaurant reservations
  • Activities on Gozo
  And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Effectively it’s a concierge service for every part of your holiday, driven by our mantra: ‘just say yes’. Want your hire car waiting for you at your Gozo holiday villa? Yes. Fancy a fishing trip and want to bag your spot on your favourite boat? Yes. Have a family birthday planned and you’d love to arrange something really special? Yes. Every Gozo holiday is special (I know you’d expect me to say that but I happen to really believe it too), but it becomes even more special when it’s tailored and personalized to your tastes. So when you’re planning something a little more niche, extravagant or personal to make your Gozo holiday truly memorable, don’t plan it alone. Talk to us. We’re bound to say yes. More things to do on Gozo Book your Gozo accommodation Discover & learn more about Gozo *photo courtesy of Viewing Malta.