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It’s a haven for divers, honeymooners, nature lovers and history buffs, but is Gozo really a family holiday destination? Well, yes it is, and here’s why...

For rather a long time now, Gozo has done an impressive job of staying largely below the radar. That’s good news for the people who already know it well and enjoy its ‘niche’ appeal, but it means lots of people are still missing out on one of the Mediterranean’s best kept secrets. That’s particularly true for families, because while other parts of the Med shout louder about their family friendly appeal, you’ll find a Gozo family holiday offers something altogether more distinctive.

The action packed Gozo family holiday

On and around the island, you won’t grow short of things to do on Gozo. Snorkelling, segwaying, swimming, cycling, boating, pony trekking, shooting, sightseeing and sampling the island’s frequent festivals are just some of what’s on offer. Plan your Gozo family holiday activities here.

The fun by the pool Gozo family holiday

Take a look at our Gozo holiday accommodation section and you’ll struggle to find a villa or farmhouse that doesn’t boast its own pool. That’s not just good news for the kids, it’s good news for parents too – because it means you don’t have to be searching for (and paying for) new ways to entertain the family every day. And with a brilliant source of entertainment at your Gozo villa, you can take a little time out on the pool terrace...

The educational (in a fun way) Gozo family holiday

History is more accessible in Gozo. From the ancient Ggantija Temples to Victoria’s Citadel, the story of Gozo is an exciting tale of war, siege, famine and survival against the odds. Best of all, Gozo’s history is played out across forts, temples and museums that are brilliantly accessible – so there’s loads for families to discover, explore and clamber over in a hands (and feet) on sort of way.

The Gozo family beach holiday

For golden (well, almost terra cotta) sands, visit Ramla Bay or San Blas Bay. For sunning yourself with plenty of food and drink options nearby head to Marsalforn. And for beaches with added oomph, try snorkelling at Xatt l-Ahmar Bay or Mgarr.

The ‘cool stuff’ Gozo family holiday

Where else could you knock on someone’s door and be taken to the cave in their back garden? Where else will you find a mighty crumbling arch they’ll have seen in countless movies (visit the Azure Window now before it’s gone!). And where else is something as simple as the journey from the airport to your holiday accommodation this much fun? What’s your ideal Gozo family holiday? Book it with us now. *photos courtesy of Viewing Malta.
"Grand Harbour View"
"Gozo Azure Window"