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Breaking the Window

"Gozo Azure Window"

Jumping from Gozo’s Azure Window has, it seems, become something of a ‘thing’. But is it a risk too far?

There was something of a fuss made recently over an American backpacker’s visit to Gozo. As featured in Malta Today the visitor, named Mitch, had posted a video which included shots of him jumping around on top of the increasingly fragile Azure Window. “It seems pretty stable,” he says, sat by a gaping crack in the surface, before he appears to leap from the arch. Whilst you don’t actually see him jump, other ‘adventurous’ types certainly have, and it’s become such an issue that the Environment and Resources Agency has imposed a €1,500 fine on Mitch and anyone else who takes the plunge. I’ve written in these pages previously about the need to see the Azure Window now, while you still have time. Around 90{072b3f020e5c96087e67b4a6a53cb4f6361881c4df5abec53cf247d5495fb591} of its outer layer has eroded in the past three decades, and only last month huge waves tore off a chunk of sandstone from the Window’s base. The wonderful Azure Window’s days are inevitably numbered – and they certainly don’t need any help in that direction from base jumpers. So if you want to see a marvel of the natural world, please, see it now. Only, you might be best looking at it from a distance. *photos courtesy of Viewing Malta.