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Gozo’s December visitors up

Gozo: not just for summer.

As someone whose life is spent encouraging people to see Gozo as a year round destination, I’m heartened by latest figures that show a huge increase in visits to the island at a time of year not usually associated with Mediterranean holidays. According to the National Statistics Office, Gozo and Malta recorded a 32.8{072b3f020e5c96087e67b4a6a53cb4f6361881c4df5abec53cf247d5495fb591} increase in visitors during December, which led to a 16{072b3f020e5c96087e67b4a6a53cb4f6361881c4df5abec53cf247d5495fb591} increase in visitor spending. Over 90{072b3f020e5c96087e67b4a6a53cb4f6361881c4df5abec53cf247d5495fb591} of those visitors came for a Malta or Gozo holiday; the rest travelled here on business. Now you might just think that’s good news for people like me, who would love to be able to balance out demand a little so that more people visit when there’s a greater availability of Gozo villas and farmhouses. I’d be lying if I said that wasn’t part of it, but I think it’s good news for you, the visitor, too. Whichever way you cut it, December isn’t the island’s peak booking month. So if you’re looking for a Gozo holiday home, you’re going to find that prices are lower, availability is greater and, if you ask very nicely, you may just get an even better deal on the price advertised. Do you get baking hot sunshine? No, although you may view that as a blessing. But what you do get is freedom from the crowds. Quiet roads. Getting a table in your favourite restaurant is easy. And then there’s the fabulous feeling of rejoicing, with plenty of events celebrating the island’s local Christmas customs and traditions. With festooned lights and loads of entertainment across Gozo’s villages, it’s a great experience for families. And although the island’s December weather is still several notches up an anything you’re likely to find in the UK, many Gozo villas and farmhouses are adapted for winter, with underfloor heating, wood burning fires and even indoor Jacuzzis becoming increasingly common. If you’re looking to escape the Christmas pandemonium, a few days of pampering with friends at your very own spa retreat is a tempting way to do it, isn’t it? Want to access the best deals? Give me a call on 01430 626 061. *photos courtesy of Viewing Malta.