Jules Gozo Holidays

Why the very best prices aren’t online

Want the absolutely, totally, unequivocally best price on your Gozo holiday? Here’s a hint: it’s not online.

I realise this is going to sound a bit strange coming from someone who runs a Gozo holiday website, but when it comes to Gozo holidays, the cheapest prices don’t always come from clicking. I’m not talking purely about my website here – I’m talking about all of them. Online, we’re all offering roughly the same sorts of prices for our Gozo villas and farmhouses. But Gozo isn’t like other holiday destinations. One of the joys of the island is that it isn’t full of enormous, soulless holiday developments. It’s a frequently haphazard patchwork of new and traditional holiday homes, often owned by individuals rather than great big property developers. I think that’s part of the appeal of Gozo. There are always common features between its villas and farmhouses (I defy you to find one that isn’t built from huge blocks of honeyed stone, and which doesn’t have at least one imposing archway) but there’s far more individuality here than you’ll find elsewhere. That individuality extends to the booking arrangements. Some Gozo villa and farmhouse owners, when they have a bit of spare availability, or when they want to change prices for low season or block bookings, have the IT savvy to post their best prices online. But many don’t – and the only way you can find what their best price is, is by taking the low-tech approach of calling and asking them. So to get the absolutely, totally and unequivocally best price for your Gozo holiday villa – and to get the definitive word on availability - you really need to speak to someone who spends lots of time on Gozo working with the individual holiday home owners. And that would be, erm, me. By all means, research, explore and choose online. But for availability and the very best prices, give me a call 01430 626 061