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Festa frenzy (part 2)!

"Hamrun Feast"

Visiting Gozo this July? Your holiday is perfectly timed to coincide with the island’s festival season.

Last month, we explored the many festivals held across Gozo’s towns and villages in May and June. In July, the festas keep coming. Visiting a festa is a great way to enjoy a vibrant slice of real Gozo. The whole village takes part, with activities for children, adults and the elderly. The main procession is the focal point of a festa, with local schools and marching bands playing a major role as they wheel a statue of the village’s patron saint through its streets. You can join in the procession too and experience (as I have) being showered by confetti and water as you progress along the route. Festas are seriously competitive. Each village vies to put on the best, most flamboyant festa each year. You will always know when a village is about to hold its festa because vibrant banners hang from lampposts with large flags (different for each village) marking out the procession route. The dates below are the culmination of the celebrations, but you’ll find the party in full swing for a couple of days beforehand. 2 July Feast of the Visitation of Our Lady, Gharb 9 July Feast of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Kerċem 16 July Feast of St George, Victoria 23 July Feast of St Margaret, Sannat 30 July Feast of St Lawrence, San Lawrenz Want to find Gozo holiday accommodation close to a festa? Call us on 01430 626 061. Find out more about Gozo festas.