Jules Gozo Holidays

Gozo - a favourite with the Maltese

The best recommendation we can think of for holidaying on Gozo? It’s where the Maltese go.

My dad always had a simple rule of thumb for eating out abroad: eat where the locals eat. You could say the same about where the locals choose to spend their downtime. And when it comes to enjoying their leisure, it seems the Maltese love spending time on their sister island. In fact, half of Gozo’s ever increasing tourism numbers are made up of Maltese residents and more and more locals are getting the Gozo bug (Maltese visitor numbers shot up almost 10{072b3f020e5c96087e67b4a6a53cb4f6361881c4df5abec53cf247d5495fb591} in just a year). They’re not simply day trippers either. The figures from Malta’s National Statistics Office discounts anyone not staying at least one night – and the average stay is closer to three nights.     >  Discover Gozo's restaurants, cafes & eateries     >  Visit and explore Gozo's towns & villages And whilst some have Gozo holiday villas of their own, the majority choose to rent Gozo farmhouses and villas, just like the rest of us. Frustratingly, the survey doesn’t give us any reasons – particularly for the sudden surge in numbers – but we’ll take it as the warmest of recommendations. So book your Gozo holiday villa now – before the locals do - on 01430 626 061.