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To everyone who’s left a review of Jules Gozo Holidays on TrustPilot, thank you.

You’re probably sick of being asked to review your experiences. It seems you can’t set foot outside your door with your phone pinging and asking you to review a shop/show/restaurant etc.     >  Discover Gozo's restaurants, cafes & eateries So I’ll resist (well, until the end of this page) asking for your review of Jules Gozo Holidays. But I do want to say a very big thank you to those who have left their reviews. It can be a perilous thing, committing to an independent review service. You never quite know what to expect once the reviews start coming in. But, at time of writing, you’ve been unfailingly generous in your opinions to the extent that we’re proudly able to display a full house of 5 TrustPilot stars and a very healthy score of 9.2 out of 10 (we’re working on the other 0.8). It also matters that a whopping 93{072b3f020e5c96087e67b4a6a53cb4f6361881c4df5abec53cf247d5495fb591} of you would rate our service as ‘excellent’ – because we do try very hard to deliver something that’s far more than ‘pretty good’. If you’ve holidayed with Jules Gozo Holidays recently and you haven’t left a review yet, could I ask that you keep it on your to-do list please? Don’t feel obliged to do it now, or later, or even tomorrow. But when you get a spare 5 minutes, if you could head to TrustPilot and tell us what you thought, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks, Julia.