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"3 bottles of wine"
"Delicata Classic Wine Festival"

Unfamiliar with Gozo wine? Let the Delicata Classic Wine Festival put that right…

A holiday on Gozo, as we’ve mentioned on these pages many times, has an endless capacity to surprise. The island (and its neighbour Malta) may be little more than tiny specks in the Mediterranean, but there’s unique history, art, food and music here. And this weekend, you can add one more to that list: wine. This week, Malta and Gozo begin their grape harvest. So there’s no more appropriate time to celebrate the results of previous harvests than at the Delicata Classic Wine Festival. The festival tours this part of the Mediterranean, with events in Sicily and Malta before its arrival in Nadur this weekend (August 18-20). On arrival, you buy a souvenir wine glass (€15) containing a purse filled with 24 ‘wine coins’ which you can exchange for samples of the Mediterranean’s finest. As the Times of Malta notes, this year’s selection will include “Malta’s most iconic, award-winning labels and other vintage wines released in tiny quantities such as the Grand Vin de Hauteville Viognier.” Wine Coins will be the common currency at this year’s Delicata Classic Wine Festival in Nadur. And because great wine always needs a great accompaniment, you’ll also be able to savour traditional local foods and à la carte dishes at the Il-Kċina al fresco restaurant in Nadur’s scenic garden Ġnien il-Kunsill. There’s live music, and the entire event is set against spectacular panoramic views over the waters of the Gozo Channel. Need last minute Gozo holiday accommodation near Nadur to fully enjoy the festival? Give us a call on 01430 626 061. *photos courtesy of Delicata