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A quick word about getting the very best price for your Gozo holiday.

If you’ve arranged your Gozo holiday with Jules Gozo Holidays before, you’ll know we’re not like other operators. We don’t have marketing teams of thousands scanning your every move on the internet. We don’t bombard you with the latest deals. Most importantly, when we update the prices for our Gozo holiday accommodation (because prices are changing constantly) there can be a slight lag between what’s on screen and the new lower price. So, and I can’t stress this enough, if you want our best prices – the sort of prices that take account of low season, reduced occupancy, last minute cancellations or a change in exchange rates – then you need to call us – on this number:

01430 626 061

Price matching We’re not a budget Gozo holiday company. Take a look at our gorgeous Gozo holiday villas and farmhouses and you’ll see why. What matters to us finding you a holiday that’s tailored to you, with the very best Gozo holiday accommodation for your budget. The very best way of doing that is by talking. Because a great value holiday is only really great value if it’s exactly what you want.     >  Why there’s more to a great deal than a great price. So yes, we’ll find you the best deal. Yes, we’ll price match if you find the same deal cheaper. But you’ll also get the advice, experience and first hand knowledge that turn a low-priced Gozo holiday into just a great Gozo holiday, full stop. Call us now (01430 626 061), and let’s talk about creating your Gozo holiday, for less.