Jules Gozo Holidays

A November Beach Holiday?

"Ramla Bay Beach Gozo"

There aren’t many places in the northern hemisphere where a November beach holiday sounds a good idea – but Gozo is one of them.

We British are a hardy bunch. If you’ve ever been to your local town centre on a Friday night, or caught a Newcastle United game on TV, you’ll be familiar with people for whom clothing is an entirely optional notion, even in the depths of winter. But when we say that this November, you could be enjoying a peaceful beach holiday where diving, swimming and sunbathing are all still on the menu, we don’t mean you have to be hard as nails and impervious to cold to enjoy it. You just have to be on Gozo.     >  Discover places to dive in Gozo     >  Things to do on your Gozo holiday Average Gozo highs in November are 20°C (and, being an average, temperatures can frequently nudge well above that). Lows are a perfectly pleasant 14°C. You still get 7 hours of sunshine every day and the sea temperature is invariably warmer than the air temperature. All that’s missing are the scorching days (those are reserved for July and August) and the crowds (also largely reserved for July and August). Better still, you get your pick of Gozo holiday villas and farmhouses and, as supply outstrips demand in the autumn and winter months, you’ll get a better bargain too. So if you can’t bring yourself to launch into the Christmas shopping just yet, can we suggest heading to the beach instead? Arrange your autumn Gozo holiday accommodation now by calling 01430 626 061.