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A New Year Break on Gozo

"Victoria Square in Gozo"

Our tip? Head to Victoria

New Year is rather wonderful on Gozo. For an island where festivals are a way of life, you’d expect the stops to be pulled out for New Year, and they are – especially in Victoria. For one, this is a real family celebration – if you have young children, they should be absolutely fine out and about till late in what is a lively, but eternally friendly environment. For another, although thousands of people gather in and around Victoria’s Independence and Saint George’s Squares, it never feels claustrophobic. Finally, whilst the bars, restaurants, stalls and shops are making the most of the occasion, the event itself is free to attend. The only issue is one of planning. Turn up on the afternoon/evening of New Year’s Eve expecting to simply walk into a Victoria restaurant and find a seat and you’ll be in for a bit of a disappointment. So book ahead or, if your Gozo holiday is more of a last minute affair, try eating out of town then catching public transport to Victoria. Buses will be running a largely regular timetable for most of the day. Talk to us about arranging your Gozo holiday villa or farmhouse for New Year now. For the best deals, call us on 01430 626 061.