Jules Gozo Holidays

Do we really visit each of our Gozo holiday homes?

I could make this a really short post by simply saying ‘yes’ but let me try and expand on that a little.

Jules Gozo Holidays isn’t your typical holiday booking service. You may have noticed. I’ve been coming to the island for years, not least because I own and run one or two of the Gozo holiday homes on these very pages. As I spend half my life on the island, and have done for ages, I’ve got to know the people who make this place tick. I wouldn’t say I’m often seen sharing a local beer with the police sergeant or enjoying a bit of idol banter with the bishop (no, really) but it does happen more often than it would ever happen at home! Those chats also include the restaurateurs, store owners and, crucially, the villa and farmhouse owners who have built stunning Gozo holiday accommodation either from scratch, or by converting tumbledown buildings into somewhere people choose to return again and again. On a small island like Gozo, where everyone knows everyone else, there’s no point in trying to act like a major tour operator. What works is the personal touch – taking the time to chat with each of our Gozo villa and farmhouse owners, sharing a leisurely lunch and talking about plans for the next build or renovation. So back to the initial question. Do we really visit all of our Gozo holiday homes? Yes, we do. I do. Sometimes I’m with the team. Sometimes I’m on my own. Sometimes I’m just stopping by to make a check that all is as it should be. Sometimes I’m stopping by for a chat or reshooting pictures following the latest makeover. But always, those ‘By Jules…’ bits on our Gozo accommodation pages really are by me. We’re often told that makes a real difference. What’s more, knowing each house inside out means we’re able to make better choices for each family, group or couple. Our customers often mention how much that benefits them. I hope you feel the same way. Ready to start searching for your perfect Gozo villa? Take a look here.