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The Price of a Real Gozo Bargain

Cards on the table: as a Gozo holiday operator you’d expect me to write a blog post about how it’s worth spending a little extra on your holiday and how the best holiday isn’t simply the one with the smallest price attached. But this isn’t that post.

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Why the price of your Gozo holiday shouldn’t be the only deciding factor.

It isn’t that post because, when the pound is weak and times are tight, the cost of your Gozo holiday really does matter. And it isn’t that post because we aim to offer the lowest prices you’ll find anywhere – and if you want to put our commitment to price matching to the test, call us for our best price on your preferred Gozo villa or farmhouse.

This is a post about what great value really looks like, and I can illustrate that with a recent holiday I arranged for a wedding party.

It was a party of 19(!). The mother of the bride was arranging everything and she needed Gozo holiday accommodation that:

  • Was in the same location
  • Was close to the wedding venue – and a supermarket
  • Had a private pool
  • Had a mix of double rooms (with en-suites) and single rooms

Naturally, they wanted a great price too. Think the best prices are always online? Think again. Here’s why the best deals still happen by phone. But what constituted a great price? It wasn’t a simply a matter of cost – ultimately, there were cheaper Gozo holiday homes than the ones they chose, but they didn’t tick all the required boxes.

Finding the right accommodation meant using our local knowledge to find three adjacent Gozo holiday villas that offered room for 19, with the required pool and location. And because we always like to overdeliver, it also came with an option for a private chef, which helped start the celebrations in style. And yes, we delivered all of that for the lowest possible price.

And that’s the difference between a low price and a low price that’s worth accepting. One involves settling for what you’re given; the other’s about getting what you really want. So before you plan your Gozo holiday, ask yourself what are the non-negotiables. Once you’ve got your wish list, talk to us on 01430 626 061. Then we really will find you the lowest price.