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Are Malta flights affected by Ryanair cancellations?

Ryanair has announced the cancellation of around 2,100 flights between now and the end of October, and the suspension of 34 routes between November and March. But is your Malta flight affected?

Holiday on Gozo this autumn and winter and you’ll inevitably be flying in to Malta International Airport. But as you’ve no doubt heard, for many Ryanair passengers, flying anywhere over the next few months could present something of a challenge. That’s because, in what Ryanair founder Michael O’Leary describes as a “mess of our own making”, the company has announced the cancellation of 2,100 flights across Europe as a result of having “messed up the allocation of annual leave to pilots in Sept and Oct.” Then, in a separate announcement, 34 routes were suspended over winter. At present, flights to and from Malta are unaffected and so, therefore, is your Gozo holiday. Putting the cancellations in context, the company says around 50 flights per day have been culled, out of around 2,500 daily flights, so the vast majority of Ryanair customers will be unaffected. But that’s fairly cold comfort for those who have been. The company is readying itself for a slew of compensation claims that analysts predict could top €20 million. Happily, both the Times of Malta’s report and Ryanair’s own published list of cancellations don’t feature Malta. The Times does report that a Pisa-Malta Ryanair flight was cancelled recently, but it’s unclear whether that was a late addition to the list, or an entirely unconnected event. If you’re planning a Gozo holiday for this autumn, our advice is to keep checking Ryanair’s cancellation list just to ensure plans haven’t changed – as things appear to be rather, erm, fluid at present. Planning a holiday on Gozo? For the very best prices and an experience tailored to you, book your Gozo holiday accommodation now by calling 01430 626 061.